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Date: Friday, August 27 @ 21:51:12 UTC
Topic: Update

Just a quick update on some things:

The studio system underwent a software platform refresh a few months back to resolve some software/hardware conflicts, since that time the system has had a good deal of stability issues, which were caused by failing harddisks. Work on personal hobby projects has been halted to make time for prior priority contracts that need to be fullfilled. Personal hobby Projects include all 3d Models being done for Thirdwire's games, All Stargate Models that have not yet been completed, as well as photographical work for the above.

As soon as I am able to resume work on personal hobby projects I will finish the Carrier package for the Thirdwire Series First, as well as finishing up a few other projects. Then I'll start work on a few new projects that I've had in the planning stages prior to these technical difficulties. The previous announcement from me also stated that I will be phasing a majority of my allocated time to Video/Photographical projects and Testing equipment for Microsoft Xbox and Xbox Live. While this is true, I will still be looking hard to provide updates to previous projects as needed.

Also, to make sure your up to date with Studio news, Since I do not usually update this site too much anymore, I have an account on facebook, so There is a SkateZilla HD Studios Facebook page that is more actively updated with news, screen shots, videos etc. Although recently not updated as a result of Technical Difficulties.

Good Luck All, Thank You for your Continued support of my Projects that are availible, I hope to provide more in the future.

Skate Zilla (William Belmont), previously known as Digital Overload.

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