New CVN Build coming soon!!
Date: Saturday, June 03 @ 21:47:45 UTC
Topic: Update

Updated to Run with the Latest Patch (SF/WoV/WoE/SFG ),

Also Working now is the Weapons (CIWS and Sea Sparrows), A HUGE, and I Mean HUGE thanks goes out to Capun for helping me through this...

Before I Release it later in the next week, I'll go through and get stuff cleaned, and a List of Fixes and Readme HTML ready, I also have to test with some new planes so... I ALso have to make a Separate Data INI for use with installs that are Runnning the Addon Weapons Pack (Better Guns and Missiles)

Heres a Video of why you dont want to fly up to the Carrier in a Enemy Plane (yes Im in a A-4, the Test was done on a Stock install), and The Ai Seems to Favor Shooting at my wing man (who is out of view) until he blasted me with a Sea Sparrow.

Click here to watch 'CVN-Ver3-Beta-Weapons-Test'

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