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Welcome to Skate Zilla Simulations!!

Here you'll find my Old 3d Projects, Videos and Pictures

Update December 25th, 2008 - I Haven't had time to actively maintain my website for about a Year now, as evident by the many outdated sections, and sections that have remained disabled since the SQL Server transition in 2007, I've been working on projects some known, some still kept under wraps until permission is given to reveal, but for the time being this site will not be updated for a while and possibly shutdown upon web-host renewal time, I am actively updating the community of my progress with known projects at Eagle Dynamic's Forums at

Thanks For Stopping By Skate Zilla Simulations


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 CVN Poject: Development on the CVN 2.0 Project has begun
UpdateThe information and reference gathering for the CVN 2.0 Project is done, and 3d Studio Max work has already started on the new model, which will be built and optimized from the ground up. Keep an eye on the facebook page for updates / renders!! The new CVN 2.0 will be developed to work for the latest build of Thirdwire's Strike Fighters 2 Engine.
Posted by SkateZilla on Wednesday, May 18 @ 21:47:58 UTC (1760 reads)
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 CVN Poject: The CVN 1.0 Gold Starts Strike Fighters 2 Certification
UpdateThe CVN 1.0 Gold Addon Carrier Package will make its one and only release and debut for the Strike Fighters 2 Series.

I've recently allocated some time over the next few weeks to rapidly get the CVN 1.0 Carrier package orignally intended for the Strike Fighters 1 Series up to Strike Fighters 2 Standards. I plan to utilize as many Strike Fighters 2 Engine features as I can with the current 3d Model I have. Once the CVN 1.0 Gold Package is released, Work will start on a few more more Strike Fighters 2 Projects.

The First one will most Likely be a CVN/CVX Project, which will start with an entirely new 3d Model built from the ground up, and re-texture mapped. Better optimized for performance and quality. The original CVN Model I built has exceeded its productivity, its not longer easy or useful to make changes or additions to a model that was built without proper knowledge of 3d Studio Max's feature set; as a result the model is not able to be optimized for the best results, and changes further increase that problem.

The plan is to get the 3d model I have now up to SF2 Specs. Once the model is fully imported into the new engine, begin testing the effects, shaders, and carrier systems. Once systems are tested with the stock and 3rd party Aircraft, implementing any new features the SF2 game engine offers will be done, and tested as well, as soon as I get the Carrier imported into the new engine I'll be distributing a Carrier Beta Pack to anyone willing to test it in the Strike Fighters 2 Game Engine.
Posted by SkateZilla on Friday, November 05 @ 22:03:49 UTC (14682 reads)
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 Site News: Updates on SkateZilla HD Studios.
UpdateJust a quick update on some things:

The studio system underwent a software platform refresh a few months back to resolve some software/hardware conflicts, since that time the system has had a good deal of stability issues, which were caused by failing harddisks. Work on personal hobby projects has been halted to make time for prior priority contracts that need to be fullfilled. Personal hobby Projects include all 3d Models being done for Thirdwire's games, All Stargate Models that have not yet been completed, as well as photographical work for the above.

As soon as I am able to resume work on personal hobby projects I will finish the Carrier package for the Thirdwire Series First, as well as finishing up a few other projects. Then I'll start work on a few new projects that I've had in the planning stages prior to these technical difficulties. The previous announcement from me also stated that I will be phasing a majority of my allocated time to Video/Photographical projects and Testing equipment for Microsoft Xbox and Xbox Live. While this is true, I will still be looking hard to provide updates to previous projects as needed.

Also, to make sure your up to date with Studio news, Since I do not usually update this site too much anymore, I have an account on facebook, so There is a SkateZilla HD Studios Facebook page that is more actively updated with news, screen shots, videos etc. Although recently not updated as a result of Technical Difficulties.

Good Luck All, Thank You for your Continued support of my Projects that are availible, I hope to provide more in the future.

Skate Zilla (William Belmont), previously known as Digital Overload.

Note: Skate Zilla HD Studios Facebook Page
Posted by SkateZilla on Friday, August 27 @ 21:51:12 UTC (1545 reads)
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 CVN Poject: CVN Carrier Pack v1.0 Now In Active Testing!!
UpdateThe new CVN Carrier Pack v1.0 is Now in the Active Testing Phase, I Am Currently Loading A Test Mission with EVERY Single Naval Plane from the Stock Wings Over Vietnam install as well as Running as Many as the MAIN 3rd Party Addons

Currently The Model has Three Variations:
A Clean Deck
Launch Layout
Recovery Layout

This Release of the CVN Model will most Likely be the Final GOLD release before Moving on to a Different model to start from scratch. This model has Full Active Shadowing (Based On Current Testing, Full Shadowing Requires a Very Decent Gaming Rig. My Ring Can Run the Clean Deck Variant at a Decent Frame Rate, but the Loaded Decks both are pretty hardware intensive.)

I'll Be recording Video Footage during the Testing Period and Doing a H.D. (720p) Video prior to Release, along with a Bunch of Screenshots.
Posted by SkateZilla on Sunday, October 25 @ 04:28:36 UTC (2731 reads)
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 Site News: About My Lack Of Communication
UpdateGood evening ladies and gentlemen,

By now alot of people are scratching their heads wondering where I've been, or alot of people are enjoying and celebrating the fact that I've been gone this long (I know its too quiet with out me isn't it?)

Well, to Give you a quick update, I've been working on the CVN Model for the Thirdwire series, making changes and testing and taking notes, I have yet to do any testing for the SF2 Code under Vista, but its on my list.

The Reason I'm giving an update today is because I do not know when I'll have the time or ability to do so in the future. My Studio Equipment including all of my PC and MIDI equipment was moved to my new apartment the last week of April, However during the time of switching employment from one Company to another my old employeer decided to take their time processing my resignation and severence pay, so at the current time I'm without electricity at my APT, so I cannot continue work or even upload what I have until electricity is re-established.
Posted by SkateZilla on Wednesday, July 22 @ 18:56:52 UTC (1330 reads)
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 Site News: Video Card Returns..... Back to working on 3d Projects!
UpdateMy Video Card Finally returned (actually it was a completly different one, but hey, its the same model and its running awesome), shut down my PC installe dhte sucker, did a little cleaning while I was inside the case.

Im now trying to catch up on the month and a half of 3d Work that I missed while waiting for the card to be fixed. I have alot of notes and stuff from looking over reference pictures on the CVN, so I have a few changes to make and alot of random things I want to tweak.

Since Theres Room for more pictures, I'll prolly get the camera and go take some random pictures this next few weeks. My internet lately has been randomly losing speed (going from 10,000 mbit down/2,000up to 1,200 down, 800 up), which is kinda irratating, ..... I might need to do a rounds of the external service entrance, I think something may have happened to it during hte storm Monday.
Posted by SkateZilla on Wednesday, January 10 @ 20:34:48 UTC (2808 reads)
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 Site News: Video Card Issues Suspend My Work
UpdateWell .. what can I say... the fan on my Ati All In Wonder 9600XT died... sounds absolutely horrid..... loud grinding sound... anyway... The card is removed from my system and getting packaged up to send to Ati Support to replace the fan, until then my video editing, 3d Modeling, games, and stuff are all on hold, the VGA Adapter built onto this systems motherboard is the weakest piece or poo you've ever seen.. trust me...

Update: December 06, 2006

ATi acknowledged my problem and Im preparing the card for shipping,

however, the situation has become more complicated, after running an errand, i came home to a bubble "WRITE DELAY FAILED ON DEVICE" so, i immediately checked the event viewer to find that the ENTIRE IDE01 (Secondary) Channel had switched off... Both the Hard disk and the DVDRom Linked to it where no longer listed in the Windows Disk Manager, and i had about 10-15 disk/atapi warnings/errors, I Don't know if this is just a random error or not, but its very nerve racking. The Hard disk in question only contained Windows Vista Beta so, and is most likely in tact.

Apon Rebooting, the system returned to a "lagged" state... the startup and shutdown wavs stuttered when playing and the mouse cursor would pause every second or so.... no errors in the event viewer though, Im starting to think something on the Main board is messing up, So... As Soon as I Can, All My Max Projects will be backed up to DVD-RW as a pre-precaution (in case all the Hard disks get messed up),

So Things I can think of:

I Added a Case Fan and the Harddisk Vista was installed on a month ago. Both the Vista Drive and the DVDRom were Using the same IDE Channel and Using the Power Line that was also powering the Case Fan I had added...

Power Supply is Weakening.... Im gonna go look at voltages ASAP.

Something with the On board Controller is quirky or there is a loose IDE (possible),

But I cant think of anything that would explain why the system would boot to a stuttering/lag state.. to add. the Current Drives in it (minus the Vista Disk scan fine, ram as well), its possible it could be windows re-assigning IRQs or whatnot from detecting a hardware change, but it did this before i removed the ATICard as well.

Update: December 07, 2006

It May Very well have been the ATA Cable, Seeing the DVD-Rom has Power but it not showing Up On the Machine at all, yet it has power, it is possible the cable was worked loose when i was removing the card, either way the Vista Drive is out of the system for now, since its pretty much unused.

Update: December 14, 2006
The Card has been shipped to ATi's Support, I Hope to Have it back Mid-January (hey, its Xmas Season, im not gonna say i'll have it back in 2 weeks with all the shipping going on), in the mean time Im taking notes on the changes I want to make to my CVN-75 Model and a few other things, looking at screen shots of other models for FS2004/FSX for references as well as some pictures I received via email.
Posted by SkateZilla on Friday, December 15 @ 21:28:12 UTC (5059 reads)
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 Site News: Hey All, Sorry For Long time in Between Site and Blog Updates
UpdateLike the Title Says, sorry for the long time between this update and the last one, I've been reallly busy with some 3d Stargate models and some other Projects,

The 2006 NAS Oceana Airshow was held over the weekend, they had a few problems, but I went to take pictures, I took over 600 Snapshots, however, since my new Lens did not arrive in time for the Venture I was restricted to using the default 4x Optical Zoom Lens, which seemed to not like the daylight at all, so over half the shots were cut for being Dark, Blurred, Too Far Away, or a mixture of all of the problems, Most shots were Originally 6 MP and were either scaled down or Cropped from the orignal image.

So Enjoy the 188 Pictures Now Posted in the PhotoGallery, the Pictures consist of the Air Power Demo, Fleet Takeoff, 2 Different F-104 Performances, F-15 Demo, F-18 Hornet Demo, F-18 SuperHornet Demo, a Few others, and The Tomcats Farewell .. and Of Course The Blue Angels...
Posted by SkateZilla on Sunday, September 10 @ 23:37:37 UTC (2648 reads)
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 Stargate: Stargate Models Take Over Front burner of My time
As you probrably can tell by looking at the photo gallery, a new section for Stargate, and already a nice stargate model (though not complete yet),

I've recently been asked by a large community of stargate modders to build some low poly, good quaity objects for Stargate mods, including the gates, ships, weapons etc etc, and a few large renders for desktops, this is the first time I've ventured outside of 3d Modeling for flight sims in my short 3 year stint, but I love Stargate just as much as flight sims, and this community (Stargate Community) seems to need me more than the flight simulation community at the moment,

I'll still build models for flight simulations and continue working on models I have, but flight simulations is now behind stargate in my overall agenda, no Im not leaving the community, but i have a large list of objects to build for stargate, and only a few for flight simulations... I'll continue participating in community events and play and support other modelers in the flight simulation community, again, this in no way is a statement of parting ways with the community, just a update on how I'll be partitioning my availible time...

Note: Stargate, Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis are copyrighted under MGM
Posted by SkateZilla on Tuesday, July 04 @ 23:02:53 UTC (16942 reads)
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 CVN Poject: CVN - 75 Beta Version .3 Build 06-13-06 Released!!
UpdateThats Right, the Latest Build Is Released and can be found at,

Under Strike Fighters Ships Section!!

Happy Download and Happy Operations!

Note: Dowload From Combat ACE HERE
Posted by SkateZilla on Thursday, June 29 @ 07:26:59 UTC (2047 reads)
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