Stargate Models Take Over Front burner of My time
Date: Tuesday, July 04 @ 23:02:53 UTC

As you probrably can tell by looking at the photo gallery, a new section for Stargate, and already a nice stargate model (though not complete yet),

I've recently been asked by a large community of stargate modders to build some low poly, good quaity objects for Stargate mods, including the gates, ships, weapons etc etc, and a few large renders for desktops, this is the first time I've ventured outside of 3d Modeling for flight sims in my short 3 year stint, but I love Stargate just as much as flight sims, and this community (Stargate Community) seems to need me more than the flight simulation community at the moment,

I'll still build models for flight simulations and continue working on models I have, but flight simulations is now behind stargate in my overall agenda, no Im not leaving the community, but i have a large list of objects to build for stargate, and only a few for flight simulations... I'll continue participating in community events and play and support other modelers in the flight simulation community, again, this in no way is a statement of parting ways with the community, just a update on how I'll be partitioning my availible time...

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