Hey All, Sorry For Long time in Between Site and Blog Updates
Date: Sunday, September 10 @ 23:37:37 UTC
Topic: Update

Like the Title Says, sorry for the long time between this update and the last one, I've been reallly busy with some 3d Stargate models and some other Projects,

The 2006 NAS Oceana Airshow was held over the weekend, they had a few problems, but I went to take pictures, I took over 600 Snapshots, however, since my new Lens did not arrive in time for the Venture I was restricted to using the default 4x Optical Zoom Lens, which seemed to not like the daylight at all, so over half the shots were cut for being Dark, Blurred, Too Far Away, or a mixture of all of the problems, Most shots were Originally 6 MP and were either scaled down or Cropped from the orignal image.

So Enjoy the 188 Pictures Now Posted in the PhotoGallery, the Pictures consist of the Air Power Demo, Fleet Takeoff, 2 Different F-104 Performances, F-15 Demo, F-18 Hornet Demo, F-18 SuperHornet Demo, a Few others, and The Tomcats Farewell .. and Of Course The Blue Angels...

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