Video Card Issues Suspend My Work
Date: Friday, December 15 @ 21:28:12 UTC
Topic: Update

Well .. what can I say... the fan on my Ati All In Wonder 9600XT died... sounds absolutely horrid..... loud grinding sound... anyway... The card is removed from my system and getting packaged up to send to Ati Support to replace the fan, until then my video editing, 3d Modeling, games, and stuff are all on hold, the VGA Adapter built onto this systems motherboard is the weakest piece or poo you've ever seen.. trust me...

Update: December 06, 2006

ATi acknowledged my problem and Im preparing the card for shipping,

however, the situation has become more complicated, after running an errand, i came home to a bubble "WRITE DELAY FAILED ON DEVICE" so, i immediately checked the event viewer to find that the ENTIRE IDE01 (Secondary) Channel had switched off... Both the Hard disk and the DVDRom Linked to it where no longer listed in the Windows Disk Manager, and i had about 10-15 disk/atapi warnings/errors, I Don't know if this is just a random error or not, but its very nerve racking. The Hard disk in question only contained Windows Vista Beta so, and is most likely in tact.

Apon Rebooting, the system returned to a "lagged" state... the startup and shutdown wavs stuttered when playing and the mouse cursor would pause every second or so.... no errors in the event viewer though, Im starting to think something on the Main board is messing up, So... As Soon as I Can, All My Max Projects will be backed up to DVD-RW as a pre-precaution (in case all the Hard disks get messed up),

So Things I can think of:

I Added a Case Fan and the Harddisk Vista was installed on a month ago. Both the Vista Drive and the DVDRom were Using the same IDE Channel and Using the Power Line that was also powering the Case Fan I had added...

Power Supply is Weakening.... Im gonna go look at voltages ASAP.

Something with the On board Controller is quirky or there is a loose IDE (possible),

But I cant think of anything that would explain why the system would boot to a stuttering/lag state.. to add. the Current Drives in it (minus the Vista Disk scan fine, ram as well), its possible it could be windows re-assigning IRQs or whatnot from detecting a hardware change, but it did this before i removed the ATICard as well.

Update: December 07, 2006

It May Very well have been the ATA Cable, Seeing the DVD-Rom has Power but it not showing Up On the Machine at all, yet it has power, it is possible the cable was worked loose when i was removing the card, either way the Vista Drive is out of the system for now, since its pretty much unused.

Update: December 14, 2006
The Card has been shipped to ATi's Support, I Hope to Have it back Mid-January (hey, its Xmas Season, im not gonna say i'll have it back in 2 weeks with all the shipping going on), in the mean time Im taking notes on the changes I want to make to my CVN-75 Model and a few other things, looking at screen shots of other models for FS2004/FSX for references as well as some pictures I received via email.

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