About My Lack Of Communication
Date: Wednesday, July 22 @ 18:56:52 UTC
Topic: Update

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

By now alot of people are scratching their heads wondering where I've been, or alot of people are enjoying and celebrating the fact that I've been gone this long (I know its too quiet with out me isn't it?)

Well, to Give you a quick update, I've been working on the CVN Model for the Thirdwire series, making changes and testing and taking notes, I have yet to do any testing for the SF2 Code under Vista, but its on my list.

The Reason I'm giving an update today is because I do not know when I'll have the time or ability to do so in the future. My Studio Equipment including all of my PC and MIDI equipment was moved to my new apartment the last week of April, However during the time of switching employment from one Company to another my old employeer decided to take their time processing my resignation and severence pay, so at the current time I'm without electricity at my APT, so I cannot continue work or even upload what I have until electricity is re-established.

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