CVN Carrier Pack v1.0 Now In Active Testing!!
Date: Sunday, October 25 @ 04:28:36 UTC
Topic: Update

The new CVN Carrier Pack v1.0 is Now in the Active Testing Phase, I Am Currently Loading A Test Mission with EVERY Single Naval Plane from the Stock Wings Over Vietnam install as well as Running as Many as the MAIN 3rd Party Addons

Currently The Model has Three Variations:
A Clean Deck
Launch Layout
Recovery Layout

This Release of the CVN Model will most Likely be the Final GOLD release before Moving on to a Different model to start from scratch. This model has Full Active Shadowing (Based On Current Testing, Full Shadowing Requires a Very Decent Gaming Rig. My Ring Can Run the Clean Deck Variant at a Decent Frame Rate, but the Loaded Decks both are pretty hardware intensive.)

I'll Be recording Video Footage during the Testing Period and Doing a H.D. (720p) Video prior to Release, along with a Bunch of Screenshots.

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